New Material from our last trip to Ecuador!

By Betty Bastidas / October, 30, 2011 / 0 comments

Because of many of YOU our 1st fundraising campaign was a success bringing us from 25% of footage filmed to 75% –within 2 months! Having worked on this project for over 4 YEARS, we think this is an amazing accomplishment! So we want to show everyone what we could make possible with these funds by giving you an exclusive sneak peak of this NEW footage from our recent production shoot in Ecuador with more installments soon to come.

Blog Video #1 – – Tragedy and Triumph

After 2 years young and talented Anibal’s life changed forever… a huge tragic loss in his family was followed by a huge opportunity in his soccer career! With these dramatic highs and lows we are in awe of his continued humility and strength, now more than ever he is stepping up as his whole family puts their hopes for a better future in his pursuit of a dream.

“What Soccer teaches me is the importance of a team in being there for each other, respecting each other and staying united… It made me so happy to know that my team is there for me in good times and in bad times.”– Anibal Chala, 15, speaking of the support he received from his teammates when his father passed away.

This New Video kicks off our NEW CAMPAIGN – Phase II! Our goal is to EXPAND and GROW our number of supporters and raise $35,000 to fund the LAST film shoot in Ecuador to capture the Final Chapter of DreamTown’s compelling stories!
So we ask that you PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD of our NEW campaign and support this inspiring story in the making here:

Our goal is to attract NEW backers happy to support an underdog story of unity and hope through the power of soccer with 10% of all proceeds going to help the people of El Chota Valley!

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