GOLAZOOOOO!! goal is reached with only 4 hours remaining!!!

By Betty Bastidas / August, 8, 2013 / 0 comments

A resounding GRACIAS/THANK YOU to the 221 backers and the 3000+ people sharing our campaign. TOGETHER this campaign raised a total of $35,085… and still counting… toward our real-life, underdog story!! What a rollercoaster ride but well worth the hard work!
The producers are so proud and honored to confirm that the voices of Anibal, Ulises and Carlos will be touching a multitude of audiences, all thanks to each of you! At times the protagonists, and even our backers, have questioned whether this film would actually reach completion, and we are so pleased to reaffirm everyone’s faith with the reality that this film will premiere just in time for the World Cup 2014—thanks to our collective effort. We can’t wait to invite you to our premiere!

we did it

Now that we have the funds to make it happen, we will finish this film in the fall with editing, and continue to focus on building our partnerships with Remezcla, community engagement and educational curriculum while we apply to film festivals. We can’t wait to fulfill our rewards promised to many of you that have been waiting for your Dreamtown DVD!!

Thanks again for helping us to make this film a reality. I know this film will make a difference in the world by amplifying the voice of the underdogs who are reaching for their dreams and a better tomorrow and by giving Choteño soccer players their due recognition as the leaders and cultural ambassadors they are for Ecuador.

Thanks to all of you who made this will be possible.

Betty, Giovanna, Jorge

A HUGE THANK YOU TO THOSE THAT MADE THIS POSSIBLE: Remezcla, Chota Madre, Bombazo Dance Company,United Latino Professionals, Soccer Senseis, Upper90, Consulado Ecuatoriano de NY, Lucero de America, Elaine Del Valle, Sara Pavon, Robert Samaniego, Juan Pablo Mejia, Scott Seltzer, Paul Herrera, Andrew Herrera, Ruben Samaniego, Ram Parekh, and our fabulous and dedicated Dream Team, which include Giovanna Aguilar, Jorge Torres, Estefania Szprengiel, Ashley Calle, Diana Araujo, Ati Egas, Flavia Cornejo, Jose Yanez, Byron Delgado, Gabriel Roldos, Dwane Maxwell, Jose Luis Caicedo, Patricia Rodriguez for all their tremendous hard work throughout our campaign!

You guys really inspire us!! We couldn’t have done it without your efforts in spreading the word & your contributions! A big shout out of love and gratitude goes to my family that stuck through all the sacrifices to make this campaign a success– my husband Martin Brecht, my mom Cecilia Flores, my son Santiago Bastidas-Brecht, and our big supporter Elaine Del Valle–without your support DreamTown would not be possible.


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