…inspiring and tear-jerking…extremely moving stories valuing family and community. I was really touched by Anibal’s story – I hope he makes it!
- Ernesto Che Tabasa, Oakland CA (Frontline World Screening)
… depicts the visceral struggle aspiring soccer players in El Chota Valley face, all vying to beat the odds as they seek to bridge the gap between their dreams and their reality.
- Brooke E. Lawsing & Ted Miller, VA (Test Screening)
…A thoughtful and insightful story on the economic and social implications a sport can have on an otherwise marginalized community.
- Marian Isel Barragán, Brooklyn NY (Frontline World Screening)
…what a powerful story of dreams woven through the perspectives of three different lives. Unfortunately, marginalized communities are often overlooked. Thank you for being a voice for this community.
- Natasha Rosen, CA (Frontline World Showcase)
…this film has brought an awareness to me that sadly, being a Afro-Latina, I have previously ignored.
- Anonymous, NY (Museo Del Barrio Screening)
…The movie was awesome and it opened my eyes to modern day poverty.
- James Corrao 9th Grade, PA (soccer drive screening)
…I’m ready to help the Ecuadorian children and I think our school needs to get more involved in activities like this!”
- Matt 9th grade, PA (soccer drive screening)
…Amazing Story! It is great to see the African Diaspora being depicted in a country other than the United States.
- Nia Lissimore, VA (Frontline World Showcase)
…This is one of those untold stories of the privileged few athletes that make it in poverty ridden nations and their struggles… This left me wanting more!
- Eddie Gonzales, Queens NY (Frontline World Showcase)
…I often wondered where in Ecuador most soccer players representing my country grew up and trained. Let’s hope that the Ecuadorian government take notice and invest in much needed basic services of these poor towns, especially if they want to continue to make history at World Cup events.
- Robert Donoso, Queens, NY (Frontline World Showcase)
…As an American born Ecuadorian, I am very proud to see all of the beauty depicted in our country and all of the struggles that my people face…it is a universal struggle and speaks volumes.
- Larry Arias, Bronx, NY (Frontline World Showcase)
…too much attention is frequently placed on the physical prowess & stereotypes of African-American athletes; as if no hard work is involved in achieving athletic success. This does the opposite; it explores the importance of motivation, intellect, discipline and hard work when pursuing dreams.
- (Frontline World Showcase)